Keep calm and double down on your customers: The path to durable growth for SaaS Image

Keep calm and double down on your customers: The path to durable growth for SaaS

We all know the catchphrase: Keep calm and carry on.

It’s so ubiquitous, it’s almost a cliche, appearing on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and posters everywhere. But you know what? It happens to be very good advice, especially when times get tough. 

For those of us in the SaaS space, 2022 has certainly been one of those tough times. Valuations have collapsed, new sales are declining, and, sadly, hard-working people across the sector are being laid off. 

In this difficult environment, SaaS leaders are looking for strategies to help their companies ride out the storm—and emerge stronger once the storm has passed. Now that the era of easy money and growth-at-any-cost is over, they are looking to reconnect with the fundamentals of their business models, which in the case of SaaS means ongoing relationships with customers. 

You might say it’s time for a customer-centric twist on that classic catchphrase: Keep calm and double down on your customers. 


At Gainsight, we believe that truly durable growth is built on strong customer relationships. Taking care of your customer base not only maintains revenue streams during lean times, it can actually drive expansion. That’s why customer success and product experience become core competencies during a downturn. 

To help SaaS leaders navigate the current environment, we’ve put together this ebook on The Path to Durable Growth. This must-read content includes:

How SaaS “growth at all costs” costs us all.

Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta dives into the downsides of the recent boom, helping us understand how we got here and how we may have lost sight of our core values in the rush to grow. Understanding our mistakes can help us regain our footing as we look for growth opportunities in the coming quarters and years. 

What the SaaS collapse means for every leader.

Nick Mehta gives advice for SaaS leaders across the C-suite on how they can successfully navigate the downturn while pushing their companies in a more customer-centric direction. The takeaway is that durable growth is a team effort that can galvanize the entire organization. 

How Customer Success Can Help Saas Companies Improve Their NRR.

Kellie Capote, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight, authors an actionable playbook on how to invest in and operationalize your customer success team. Following these principles will help any company achieve durable growth that you can actually measure in terms of Net Revenue Retention (NRR).


CEOs: It’s time to double down on your customers.

Scott Salkin, SVP and GM of Gainsight Essentials, pens a rallying cry for companies of any size and maturity: focus on your customers. Deploying a successful customer success strategy doesn’t necessarily require throwing money at the problem, but it does mean implementing essential capabilities that have been proven to drive durable growth in the long term. 

Why the SaaS downturn will accelerate product-led growth.

Mickey Alon, CTO of Gainsight and Founder of Gainsight PX, makes a persuasive case that the SaaS sector has only scratched the surface when it comes to using the product to capture revenue through renewal and expansion. In fact, product-led growth will help SaaS companies climb up the value chain, delivering outcomes to customers that supercharge stickiness and take customer relationships to a whole new level. 

Durable growth changes the game

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