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The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland Digitalizes its Memberships with Glue Up

Learn how Glue Up has been helping the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland manage its memberships with ease through digitalization.

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Who is the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland?

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland is an association of entrepreneurs that represent Italian companies and investments in the region. Founded in 1996, the association’s mission is to speed up trade between Italy and Poland, promote and support products made in and by Italy in the region, express the know-how of Italian companies in Poland as well as the interests of other Italian companies that would like to do business in Poland.

Sharing the journey towards digitalizing their memberships with Glue Up was Riccardo Martucci, Marketing and Communications Manager at the association. Here’s what he had to say:

Before We Found Glue Up

We did not have any software to help us manage our communication and membership management other than Microsoft Office tools. We managed emails and campaigns on Outlook. Everything on memberships was done in an Excel file where a specific person was in charge of updating. We also used shared communication platforms such as Sharepoint to share and collaborate on files. We would often experience missing files, difficulties in locating current files, missing information on membership payments, renewals, etc. Thanks to Glue Up, our team is now managing memberships more effectively, with nothing left to fall through the cracks.

Driven by Our Vision to Give Members More Value

We wanted to offer our members a new benefit—something more that would make them feel proud to be part of our organization. Digitalizing our memberships is a sure-fire way to realize our vision. This is why we began the search for a solution that would help us transition from traditional membership management tools to a more digitalized environment.

The Exodus of Digitalizing Our Memberships

We were looking for the best software that would help us manage our membership processes more efficiently. After doing a quick Google search, we came across a Glue Up success story featuring the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macau. This prompted us to look into the software. We found that with Glue Up we could:

  • 1. Digitize our events booking experience for our members
  • 2. Track and manage our registrations, approvals, attendees, etc.
  • 3. Communicate more efficiently with our members by reducing email bloat, automation communications, and tracking their performance
  • 4. Create a digital community for our members

Big Wins With Glue Up

We had our first virtual event in October 2020—thanks to Glue Up's Event Management Suite. The Zoom integration feature allowed our members to join the event on the Glue Up platform easily. The event was a great success, with more than 100 attendees accessing the event through their My Glue accounts. Attendees were happy with the seamless experience that the app granted them.

In 2021, we are communicating more with our members. As more people download the My Glue app, this helps us stay in contact without spamming them with emails. We have streamlined our communication processes by training the team on how to use the campaigns module to send out newsletters, campaigns, and more.

The webinars we have run in the past garnered great engagement. We expect engagement rates to continue to grow as all our members download the app and engage on the community social media platform.

Digital Membership; Something New for Our Members

Digital membership is a new type of membership that we are offering new members who are unable to join the association due to the pandemic. We’ve received positive feedback about the user experience on My Glue. The digital experience has allowed them to receive regular communication, notifications and easily access upcoming events. Despite initial technical difficulties and adapting to the new way of receiving email and notifications, Glue Up has created a better experience for our members. We are looking forward to doing better and our members are definitely happy about receiving fewer emails.

The Best Of Glue Up’s Platform

The campaigns module has simplified our marketing and communication process. It’s now easier to track and report the performance of campaigns. We are training the rest of the team to enable them to use it as well.

Our membership management team is happy with the Membership Management Suite as it has helped them add new members, create new memberships and manage members with ease.

The main reason why we chose Glue Up is that we believed it could help us simplify both management of members and everyday business operations. Its features are designed for both our members and the team.

A Word for the Skeptics

If you’re an association looking for a solution that will help your team not only optimize but consolidate your membership processes such as campaigns, events, and membership management, look no further than Glue Up’s Membership and Community Engagement Suite. It’s an all-in-one solution that will help you speed up and keep track of all your operations in one place as opposed to the usual Excel sheets, sending campaigns on Outlook, and other tedious processes. It’s a great fit for any small or medium, or large chamber.

From Cold Feet to Realizing the Full Potential Of Glue Up

Some of our team members are not accustomed to using digital tools and were naturally hesitant about learning the new software. After the onboarding process with the customer success team and regular internal meetings, our team understood the software’s potential. This helped boost their enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Why Glue Up and Not Them?

Glue Up was the only platform we found that consolidated all the areas we were looking to digitize in one place, that is, events, campaigns, and membership management. We saw feedback from other chambers of commerce worldwide, which only confirmed that Glue Up was the best fit for us.

The Benefits of Partnering With Glue Up

  • 1. Digitalizing our membership experience
  • 2. Enabling our members to engage with each other on the community engagement platform
  • 3. Communicating effectively with members and tracking email campaigns statistics
  • 4. Simplifying events management and integrating the platform with our website

Life With Glue Up

We are still training our team on how to use the platform and educating them on its main benefits. Some of us are more tech-savvy than others and are getting our hands dirty, while some still need more time to understand the platform’s potential. Generally, we all agree that Glue Up will help us digitalize our memberships, especially in the area of effective communication.

What’s Next For the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland?

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland Digitalizes its Memberships with Glue Up

“Regarding our future events and activities, we’d like to use Glue Up to build a community in order to promote the excellence of Made in Italy in Poland through events, masterclass, and workshops. We want to create a network of restaurants, importers, shops, and companies that are selling and supporting Italian products in Poland —let them feel part of a community and allow them to find new business opportunities.”

Riccardo Martucci, Marketing and Communications Manager, The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland is digitalizing its memberships with Glue Up’s all-in-one Membership Management Suite. They are communicating effectively with their members, simplifying their event management, engaging their members, and efficiently tracking all their operations.

Get a demo and learn more about how Glue Up is helping chambers of commerce, associations, and other organizations worldwide adapt to the fast-paced evolution membership and community management environment.

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