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13 Strategies to Promote and Sell Your Training Programs

Carl WegnerProduct and Content Marketing Specialist

Carl Wegner,

Product and Content Marketing Specialist

Dec 12, 2020

Introduction to Continuous Professional Development

What is it?

Training programs are essential to most industries and professional associations. They help individuals develop new skills and improve current ones to stay competitive. Training programs are usually held as events, masterclasses, conferences, and the primary revenue source for many associations and training organizations.

Amid a pandemic, it is now crucial for professional associations to successfully promote training programs and ensure they reach the learners who can truly benefit.

Why Do You Need It?

Training programs are helpful because they allow you to improve the standards in your field continuously. They enable you to stay up-to-date to ensure that your skills are not outdated. Moreover, they can also let you see the trends and directions of skills your field prioritizes, helping you develop or improve them to keep you competitive.

Tips and Strategies to Promote your CPD

Quick Reads

Offer Discounts to Members or Repeat Customers

CPD Discounts to Members

Discounts bring more demand for your training program or any products you are selling. They cater to people’s ideas that they are getting more value for less money because of the discount.

Offering them to members or repeat customers creates a sense of loyalty, which maintains and increases your sales.

Make a Community

Building a community can help your digital platform for your training program because it can guarantee retention. By being able to log training program hours and having a community be a part of it, people are more likely to stay.

They can learn from each other as well as create feedback. Moreover, they can help your organization identify the gaps in your training program to ensure you can fix it and add more value.

Improve SEO for Your Landing Page

Improve SEO for Your CPD Landing Page

Once you improve your landing page's SEO, people who search for keywords that may relate to your training program will be more likely to find your website.

A higher SEO ranking means that your site will be higher up on Google search results. It also signals that someone will be more likely to click on your site. As you drive more traffic to your site, a larger population will start registering for your training programs.

Success Stories

Success stories show potential customers the benefits of joining your training program in the long run. They highlight how previous members’ professional careers have changed and improved after taking your courses.

People tend to want to improve their careers, and if your training program can illustrate how their work can benefit from it, they would be more interested to participate.

Promote ROI

Promote CPD ROI

Promoting ROI helps people understand what the benefits of your training programs are. ROI allows quantitative analysis of what the training program can do for your professional career. Success stories illustrate an example, but ROI provides cold hard facts that are easy to analyze and understand.

Having previous members’ positive ROI can attract more new members to join because others will see your training progam as a proven method to help your customers.

Tracking System

A tracking system for the members going through your training program module can benefit them greatly. It will allow them to take the courses at different points by not requiring to finish the training program all in one day.

This offers for more flexibility and less commitment for your members, which creates an ease of access that can attract more members.

Price Correctly

Price your CPD Correctly

Pricing is always a concern when it comes to a business transaction. High prices can drive potential customers away, and low prices decrease your profits. Pricing correctly helps you make a profit and bring value to your members.

The important thing to consider is to never price above your potential member’s perceived value of your training program. If it is, then they will not see the need to purchase it.

Course Modules

Course modules allow the members to understand a subject’s start and end, designed to break up the training program materials into easily completable sections.

They enable the members to split up the work and not need to dedicate a large amount of time all at once. A course that runs right through may not be possible for some because they do not have one large section of time set aside that is free.

Money-Back Guarantee

CPD Money Back Guarantee

People tend to fear investing in something that they do not know if it is worthy. Offering a money-back guarantee allows your prospective members to feel safe spending their money on your training program course.

There is no reason to worry because people rarely request a refund. This can ease the mind of your members without you worrying about losing too much profit.

Trial Course

A trial course works similarly to a money-back guarantee in your prospective members’ minds because it negates people's fear when investing in a new product.

Offering a trial course can allow people to test out your training program before investing their money in it. This gives them confidence in your training program and your content can convince them to purchase it.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media CPD Promotion

Social media is an excellent medium to promote your training programs because it helps you reach a wider audience. People check their social media platforms 144 minutes per day, and it creates a higher possibility for prospective members to learn about your training program platform.


Blogs are a great way to boost your training program website’s SEO and educate readers about it. Educating prospective members allows them to understand what you offer in your training program and why your training program is of value to them.

Furthermore, you can use blogs to promote your training program and explain why people should pick your organization’s training programs.

A Good Course Platform

CPD Platform

A good course platform is key to a successful training program. Outputting a quality product can help convince your prospective members to buy your course. Ensure that your training programs course platform is of a high caliber to ensure the value your members are getting is higher than that of your competitors.

Wrapping it Up

Each of these strategies can be implemented to promote and sell your training programs. However, some may work better than others for specific organizations. Look for what you think can benefit you the most and what you require to pick the best ones when improving your campaigns.

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