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“Kape Kape Muna Session” Brings Together Industry Professionals to Engage in a Meaningful Virtual Speed Networking Event Blog

“Kape Kape Muna Session” powered by Glue Up was a free virtual speed networking event that gathered professionals from different industries to build new relationships, connect with old connections, and expand their business network using Glue Up’s Sp...

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Glue Up Introduces Speed Networking 2.0 with Smart Matching Technology Blog

Glue Up launches Speed Networking 2.0 with its newest feature, Smart Matching. Organizations can now match their participants based on mutual interests hence adding more value to their members.

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Different Types of Networking Events for Growing an Organization Blog

If you want to succeed in making new connections, we will show you some beneficial networking events for growing your organization.

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6 Types of Business Networking Groups to Join Blog

This article discusses the different types of professional networking groups to help you choose the best one for growing your business.

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Effective Ways to Introduce Yourself Memorably at a Networking Event Blog

Learn some helpful tips to introduce yourself professionally at a networking event and be remembered.

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7 Event Room Layouts that Encourage Networking Blog

In case you’re in need of some tips on how to get people mixing and matching at your event, we’ve got 7 below!

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8 Steps to Successfully Host a Networking Event Online Blog

Follow these easy steps to successfully organize a virtual networking event that can open great business opportunities to industry professionals as they build connections.

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10 Virtual Networking Event Ideas for Your Organization Blog

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have shifted to virtual networking as an alternative to face-to-face interactions. Entrepreneurs use the Internet to stay in touch and expand their connections. With it, they can share their knowledge...

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Virtual Speed Networking: Efficiently Connect and Build Relationships Virtually Blog

Speed networking is a structured networking method that allows participants to meet many people in a short amount of time. These short, time structured meetings usually happen one-on-one for brief informational exchanges. After the event, individuals...

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10 Tips for Successful Networking at a Virtual Event Blog

In this article, you will learn some helpful tips to build your professional connections and expand your network online.

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