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Why Inland Empire Chamber Switched to Glue Up from Chamber Master

Jeremy SmithMarketing & Sales

Jeremy Smith,

Marketing & Sales

Mar 18, 2020

This success story is a result of feedback received from the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce in the United States where a solution was needed to replace their previous chamber management software, Chamber Master. The IERCC was seeking at the time a replacement that could harmonize all of their needed tools under one roof, while simplifying the back-end experience so that they could focus on bringing engaging experiences to their members.

The Old School

The Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce had been using Chamber Master prior to their 2017 sign on date with Glue Up, and through their rough experience using Chamber Master, they grew to loathe it as it simply was not being updated to meet with standard digital b2b platforms. Chamber Master was reportedly too “old school”, and the backend was confusing enough that it made it more of a headache to use over time.

The Inland Regional Chamber was in need of a platform that had all of their necessary features and tools under one umbrella, that was easy to use, and smarter than the average digital platform on the market.

The New School

After searching for some time, the IERCC came across Glue Up among other tools, and saw early on that Glue Up not only had the required tool-sets and feature-sets, but these tools all communicated with each other, consolidating data into one place, and removing unnecessary work that Chamber Master fostered.

After a smooth on-boarding and data-migration from Chamber Master to Glue Up, the IERCC was pleased with the smooth transition, citing that Glue Up was just a smarter platform overall, simple to use, and the customer success support could not have been better.


“It is imperative that you research Glue Up if you want to take your chamber to the next level. As with any new software application there will be be a learning curve, but once you familiarize yourself with Glue Up, you'll love it! It's the best software on the market for any business organization, not just chambers of commerce.” 
Edward Ornelas, Jr., Inland Empire Chamber of Commerce, President

The Results

Since 2017, the IERCC has been spending a lot less time fidgeting with their software, and are now using it to engage members in a much smarter manner. With the prioritization of work dedicated to content, engagement, and deliverable messaging, the IERCC was spending their time more wisely on Glue Up, rather than solving headaches with Chamber Master before.

Each tool with Chamber Master fit the IERCC’s needs, but because of the convoluted back-end experience and lack of consolidated data, Inland Regional Chamber had found that most of their experience on Chamber Master was solving issues caused by Chamber Master like mis-allocated data, duplicate data, and tools that simply could not have the same content replicated in other tools.

An example of Glue Up’s smarter use of data between tools is the ability to create event web pages with your content, and with only a few clicks and less than 2 minutes, you could generate event invite emails using your content, images, and settings without any manual labor added to the process, saving time and effort in the promotional stages of events.

Since then the IERCC has been an avid supporter of Glue Up, and is one of our most active clients, giving feedback to our customer support teams so that we can improve experiences for all of our clients.

About the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce supports businesses throughout Riverside & San Bernardino Counties — primarily focusing on mid to large size enterprises within the region. The IERCC provides a platform for c-suite level executives to engage, create and develop programs, network, and conduct business with like-minded individuals from all over the Inland Empire region. Our regional chamber members are business leaders from many different industries who contribute to the growth and advancement of the Inland Empire Business Industry.

If you would like to explore how Glue Up can help your organization, contact us, and we’ll give you a tour of all our modules, automation, and other great features.

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We are very pleased with the simplicity of the system. We rarely spend time training staff as most users simply “get it". It’s simple and fast out-of-the-box solution. We now have 4 client accounts running on Glue Up software.

Marcel Ewals, Director, Community Development, MCI Group
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