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10 Tips for Successful Networking at a Virtual Event

Ayesa LubagMarketing Content Specialist

Ayesa Lubag,

Marketing Content Specialist

Dec 15, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has forced nearly all events and face-to-face meetings to move online. But one thing has remained the same – the ever-increasing importance of creating and cultivating a professional network.

Attending networking events virtually offers you the chance to meet inspirational influencers and thought leaders in the industry and become aware of the latest trends.

However, building successful business relationships online will depend on your motivation and goals. If you find yourself wondering how to network the right way, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will provide you some virtual networking tips that you can do to create meaningful connections in a networking event.

1. Craft a great attendee profile

Virtual networking organizers encourage event attendees to create profiles so they can search and connect.

Writing one can showcase your unique qualities and experiences. When it’s well-crafted, it can help you stand out and be more memorable to others.

Moreover, it gives you the chance to connect with people looking to meet business partners or prospects.

If there are event profile fields, be sure to provide all the essential information. Your attendee profile should highlight your unique experiences, interests, and skills to attract attention.

We also recommend you to connect your social media accounts if possible. Linking them is a quick way to gain new followers and engage with your network.

2. Introduce yourself at a virtual networking event

introducing self at events

A good self-introduction helps you “break the ice” and create a good impression on others. It’s also a great way to make new people feel more comfortable around you.

Introductions during virtual networking events are necessary because they show your confidence in meeting people.

Briefly say your name and share what you do to introduce yourself to others effectively. Mention the organization you represent and your contributions to make it memorable.

Always speak clearly and remember to smile. You can also involve attendees and communicate on a personal level when you constantly make eye contact as you talk.

3. Leverage social media

One of the tips for successfully networking online is to post on social media before and after attending an event.

Share a post that describes the event you’ll be participating in. Express your interest and enthusiasm by mentioning your expectations as an attendee. It might help you discover other participants, or you might encourage others to register too.

Include the event hashtags in your posts to categorize and increase engagements. After this, you can also click on them to see if you can enter into discussions.

Since you can find the most important dates and other information on an event page, check if the organizers created one and join it for updates.

Social media is a valuable tool to find out more about speakers and other attendees. It’s one of the networking efforts you can perform to start engaging and creating relationships before the event begins.

4. Reach out to other participants

talking to event participants

An ice breaker is usually performed at a virtual networking event to welcome attendees and warm up the discussion while you wait for others to join. It’s common for everyone to interact with the host but wouldn’t find it easy to engage with each other.

Be willing to listen and give your comments, especially when someone reaches out to share something. Opening up yourself exposes you to new opportunities.

By being a good listener, you build new relationships that can make people feel good at the same time.

5. Take part in discussions

The quickest way to make your presence felt at a virtual networking event is to actively participate in the lined-up activities.

When you give insightful comments, you can begin conversations with other attendees that could offer opportunities for future collaborations or partnerships.

Find time to participate in breakout sessions and share your industry knowledge to show your expertise and establish credibility.

However, don’t overdo your enthusiasm for sharing ideas. It’s best to give at least a few comments or several questions per session.

This way, you give other participants the chance to ask about the topic and discuss their insights in the discussion.

6. Engage in real-time chat

engaging in a chat

One of the networking tips at events is to utilize the event platform’s private messaging tools to interact with other participants.

Unlike in-person events, where it’s uncommon to have private conversations during presentations, a virtual one doesn’t have restrictions.

To start a significant and meaningful conversation via chat, you can ask your network about their thoughts about the topic or what the speaker said.

Side discussions can help build trust with new people. When you do it right, they can also feel that you value their opinions and ideas.

7. Ask for contact information

You first need to get attendees' contact details before you can attain your virtual networking goals and build relationships after an event.

There's a high possibility that a host will ask attendees to share their contact information. If you already know the people you want to connect with, remember to get their contact information before the virtual meeting ends.

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8. Research keynote speakers online

Take advantage of virtual networking events that gather keynote speakers who can share their knowledge and expertise related to your industry.

When the event has the right speakers, they can transform an ordinary event into a memorable event. Building meaningful connections with them can inspire your professional network to succeed.

Once you have registered for a virtual networking event, read the agenda, and write down the speakers you're interested in connecting with.

Make use of the Internet to know more about them and find common ground. Learn about their expertise and what they've been doing in the industry.

Take note of the important information and think about incorporating them when you start to reach out and connect. In this way, others can be receptive to building a connection because you've already established a level of comfort.

9. Know the outcome you expect

Be specific in your reasons for meeting new people and expanding your professional network.

You could simply want to ask a couple of questions to enhance your industry knowledge or turn them into potential mentors.

Figure out how they can offer the most value to you and articulate your goal. Be sure also to mention how you can use your resources to support them as well.

10. Don’t forget to follow-up and stay in touch

staying in touch in an event

Reach out to the new people you met at a virtual event by sending an email. You can talk about the event experience and how you feel about connecting with them.

If you don't receive a reply after a week, follow-up politely as they might have missed your email. But if they respond and are willing to make time, show your appreciation by thanking them.

Be vocal about your intention to keep in touch in the future as well. It can mean sending regular updates of what you're doing, as well as warm emails to support their milestones.

You can also mention that they can reach you anytime if they would need assistance in future projects.

It requires constant nurturing for a professional relationship to be strong. Be intentional and do your part in maintaining your connection in meaningful ways.


Networking events can offer fresh ideas and different perspectives to your organization.

You open yourself to the opportunity to easily connect with other professionals from the comfort of your own home when you engage in a virtual networking experience.

In this article, you learned the different virtual networking tips during events you can follow to make powerful connections that last.

With all the information we provided, we hope you’re more than prepared and motivated to build your professional network.

If you are running online networking events, consider booking a demo with us, and we’ll assist you in the process.

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